The brand building handbook for business leaders

Branding to Differ provides a practical and comprehensive look at best practice branding for those requiring a real understanding of brand development and management. Ambrosi demonstrates that the brand is fundamentally a promise, that it impacts both the emotional and rationale mind, and that ultimately good branding is about expressing a difference.

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Branding to Differ Book
Jean-Luc Ambrosi

About the author

Jean-Luc Ambrosi (BA Psychology, MA Marketing) is an award winning marketer who has built successful brands in the Australian and international nancial landscape. Having worked for both communication agencies and prominent brands, he has forged a reputation of delivering exceptional results. Among his success stories he spectacularly transformed the NAB credit cards brand portfolio and devised the re-branding of Members Equity Bank into ME Bank. He launched and built the BlackRock brand in Australia and his strategic approach ensured Vanguard became one of the leading brands within the Australian asset management landscape. He is currently the Executive General Manager Marketing at Telstra Super.

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Branding to Differ’ is essential reading for those keen to master the art – and science – of building a brand. Instead of textbook theories, Ambrosi draws on his industry experience to challenge long-held myths around what creates or destroys a brand.

Michelle Baltazar
Head of Media & Publisher
Financial Standard


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